Hero mum gave CPR on roadside after finding her baby limp, cold and not breathing


A mum was forced to perform CPR on the roadside after finding her baby limp, cold and not breathing,

Laura Harrison was forced to pull over with baby Bonnie-Esmae at the side of a road on Friday.

The 23-year-old was driving home at the time when she placed a hand on the six week old’s cheek and found her unresponsive.

She quickly pulled over in St Helens, Merseyside and laid the baby down on a plot of grass on the roadside and started giving her CPR.

After 10-12 chest compressions baby Bonnie-Esmae thankfully began to breathe again and she was soon rushed to Whiston Hospital

Laura, who lives in Knowsley, hopes to find the women who pulled over to help her on Friday and offered to take them both to hospital.

Laura said : “I was driving home and I was on the phone to my partner on hands free.

“We were talking about [the baby] on the phone, so I touched her cheek and usually she wakes up and looks at me but she wouldn’t wake up.

“That’s when I noticed she wasn’t responding to me. I put my fingers on either side of her cheek and gave her a little squeeze and I was saying her name. I must have done that three or four times and she didn’t respond.

“I pulled over as quickly as possible and got her out of the car. I was checking her chest and feeling if she was breathing – and nothing.

“She was limp and cold and she’d gone a grey colour.

“I had her on the roadside and started giving her CPR. I started giving her chest compressions and she started to come round.”

As Bonnie-Esmae started to breathe, Laura said a woman and her mum pulled up in a black car and asked if they could help her.

Laura said: “She came over and she said ‘are you OK? What’s going on? She got out of the car with her mum. She said ‘do you want me to ring an ambulance’ and she offered to take me to hospital.

“She said ‘do you want my mum to come with you and I’ll drive your car.’

“When they were talking to me I was in absolute bits. I thanked them both and said I’ve got to get to the hospital.”

Laura got back into the car and rang an ambulance on her way to hospital but she was forced to pull over for a second time when the baby started falling in and out of consciousness.

Another woman in a silver car pulled over to help her and seconds later an ambulance arrived.

Bonnie-Esmae was taken to Whiston Hospital where doctors found she had severe reflux, as well as a milk allergy and constipation.

Laura said: “She’s OK now. She’s back to her happy little self again.

“She’s got medication and she’s waiting to be discharged and she’s got to go on prescribed milk.”

Laura wants to find the women who stopped to help her on Friday to thank them for their kindness.

She said: “It was a horrendous situation. I’ve never felt like that before and to have someone just to offer to help and as fast as they can get out of their car – it was nice to know that people care.

“I want to thank them and let them know she’s OK because I’ve stopped before and helped people and you’re always thinking, if they’re going in an ambulance or if they’re taken somewhere, is that person OK.

“I thought she was gone. I thought I’d lost her.”

“If they hadn’t stopped it would have been an even more lonely situation to have to deal with.”