Chanel the African Grey parrot goes missing AGAIN as her owner pleas for help


A distraught mum whose pet parrot Chanel vanished in April last year has told how the bird is now missing once again.

The escape-artist parrot became famous during lockdown after her owner, Sandra, released a viral video crying and shouting for her return.

Today Sandra uploaded another video saying her pet – an African Grey – had managed to get out again.

Chanel is believed to be on the loose in Liverpool.

In an emotional video, Sandra said: “Chanel flew off again.

“Please, she definitely went on the canal somewhere… I don’t know what to do but if anyone sees her, you know what she’s like.

“She’ll be scared. She’s gone.”

Sandra added that she “feels sick” and apologised for “doing this again”.

A video of her calling for Chanel went viral last year and prompted hundreds of memes.

Sandra was seen pleading for the return of her beloved pet, saying: “Please everyone…. my parrot’s gone”.

She then bellowed the parrot’s name at the top of her lungs.

In response to the latest video, one supporter wrote: “F*** sake Chanel what you playing at. I’m going to jump in my car and go on a hunt for her.”

Another wrote: “I hope you find her.”

Speaking to Tyla earlier this year, Sandra said: “Chanel is such a little diva.

“And I’m still recognised as the crazy parrot lady. Even this morning I was walking around and someone was like – ‘You’re the Chanel parrot lady!'”