Tiny kitten survives 40-mile car trip under bonnet after driver hears meowing


A tiny kitten miraculously survived a 40-mile car journey after getting trapped underneath the bonnet.

The nine-week-old cat was discovered around an hour into the driver’s trip after they heard meowing during their journey.

Firefighters were then called to Pulborough, West Sussex, to rescue the animal.

It shot into a nearby hedge after being saved – before savvy crew members used cat sounds on YouTube to lure it out.

The kitten is yet to be reunited with its owner, although the unnamed driver said she will “gladly” adopt the pet.

The strange find happened at around 11:50am on Thursday, after the motorist had left Uckfield.

Retained Watch Commander at Billingshurst Fire Station, Brian Cook, said: “When the lady got out of her car there was no mistaking that there was something in the bonnet of the car that there shouldn’t be there.

“Not being able to see anything underneath there though, she called for help. When we arrived, we also couldn’t see any sign of anything under the bonnet, but we could definitely hear the little chap.

“We managed to create a bit of space underneath the engine, and out popped this little black kitten.

“He was so surprised by his new found freedom he launched himself out of the engine bay entirely and made a beeline for a nearby hedge.

“Fortunately the crew was able to track him down in the undergrowth using one of the thermal imaging cameras kept on the fire engine, but getting him to come out proved more difficult.

“Crew Manager Andrew Buddle then had the idea of playing a YouTube video of a mother cat meowing, which lured him out and we were able to catch him before he could bolt any further.”

The crew took the kitten to Arun Veterinary Group in Storrington, where he was checked over and efforts made to reunite him with his owner.

Brian added: “Being only nine weeks old, the kitten isn’t microchipped, so identifying his original owner is going to be difficult.

“But this already very lucky kitten need not worry, as his unwitting chauffeur has already said that if his owner can’t be found, she will gladly provide him with a new home.”